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Misc Lamps .....
Ca.  1840 ARCHER & WARNER Solar Lamp .. $ 650.00
Frosted etched Shade .....    $ 125.00
KOSMOS-BRENNER  Black Amethyst Parlour
Lamp (base repaired) ... $ 495.00
Clear and Frosted Banquet Shade .....$ 175.00
Pair of ALADDIN Lincoln Drape Clambroth color Lamps with matching
Shades  .....  $895.00
We have an Excellent Selection of Patterned Glass Lamps
1890's HINKS Cast Iron Table Lamp .....
Cased Carnival Glass Raised Roses
Shade (sold separately)
Lamps (Individually priced)
1860's to 1900's Variety of blue stand
lamps Individually priced
ca. 1880 to 1900 VASELINE GLASS Stand
( priced individually )
ca 1860 - 1890 BOSTON SANDWICH and
DIETZ Overlay Stand Lamps
(individually priced)
Pair of Atterbury light blue "Grape & Leaf"
double pedestal Stand Lamps ..... $695.00
1890's Plume & Atwood Double Student
Lamp ..... $795.00
ca.  1880's Green Bullseyes
(individually priced)
1880's Variety of patterned Green Glass
Lamps (individually priced)
ca. 1890 British Duplex Cherub Banquet
Lamp $395.00  (Shade sold separately)
Variety of ca. 1880's Vase Lamps - if
desired, shades are available your
preference (sold separately)
ca. 1870s-1900 assortment of #2 Amber
Glass Stand Lamps (individually priced)
ca. 1870's to 1890's Hollow Stem Glass Lamps -
pictures/photos or flowers can be put into stem of lamp
.... (individually priced)
Variety of ca. 1880's Cranberry Glass
Lamps ..... (individually priced)
ca. 1880s variety of #1 Sun Colored (Amethyst )
Finger Lamps (individually priced)
Cast Iron and green Slag Glass Pittsburg
Parlor lamp ..... $650.00  
ca. 1870's Composite Table Lamps  - shades optional and
sold separately .... all (individually priced)
ca. 1890's Wrought Iron and Enamel Parlor
Lamp  (shades sold separately)
ca. 1880's Wide range Range of parlor lamps (individually priced)
Very large variety of Patterned Glass Lamps (all individually priced)
ca. 1890's HINKS Duplex Piano Lamp - font
can be removed for use as a Table Lamp  
(shade sold separately)
Peach Blow Banquet Lamp - Brass Column  Banquet Lamp -
Consolidated Glass and Brass Banquet Lamp with matching shade .....
$435.00 to $595.00
ca 1890's Consolidated Brass Banquet Lamp ..... $350.00
ca 1880's Variety of Brass Lamps - shades may all be
changed to one of your choice (sold separately)
ca. 1880's pressed crystal Parlor Lamp
"Clarise" ..... $545.00
ca. 1880's to 1890's Half Shade Wind Lamps
..... $325.00 to $395.00
Pair of early Railroad Pushup Candle Car Lamps -
Embossed JJ on front ..... $175.00
Selection of 1890's Hobbs Square Front #
1's and # 2"s Stand lamps .....
(priced between $595.00 - $895.00)
1890's British Duplex Bride Banquet Lamp
...... $595.00
(Shade sold separately)
VASELINE GLASS glows in Black Light due
to the uranium added to the glass

Ca. 1890's Kosmos Green Bird motif Oil Lamp with
matching font ..... $225.00